They made it!

I have been a fan of NBA games for years already.   I used to cheer for Chicago Bulls because of Michael Jordan.  He is the best player that I have ever seen before.  So sad to know that he is no longer playing.  Even though, I still like to watch NBA games and right now I am cheering for Boston Celtics.  The player that I so much like is Kevin Garnett.  I like the way he play and their team.  I first saw him playing for Minnesota Timberwolves.   When he moved to play for Boston, I told myself now he has the chance to make it to championship and win.  And I am right.

For this season, his team did make it again for the play-offs and hopefully will make it to the final.  I watched their game this morning and I am so happy that they beat New York Knicks four times that brings them to the semi-final.  Waiting for the team they are going to beat to make it to the final. Way to go Boston, praying that they will bring home the bacon this year because they not make it last year.  They made it and will surely make it to the final. Basketball indeed is the best sport for me.:-)

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