Is Blood Thicker than Water?

The family is the most important thing for me.  I can say that they are my strength, my life and inspiration.  I am striving hard and do my best just to be able to help them in my own little way.  Right now my family is facing financial problem and it breaks my heart because my help is not enough.  I keep my faith and praying that we will be able to overcome this soon.  When I have extra money, I give it to them to the point of nothing is left for me.  Seeing them happy is what makes me happy.

Financial problems are bearable because we’ve been there before and we are used to it.  One problem that breaks my heart right now is my brother.  Seems like he doesn’t value the family that much.  He spent most of his time at the house of his girlfriend.  Every time we call him he gets mad and angry.  Every time we asked favors for him to do, he keeps on complaining.  But when his girlfriend calls him, he immediately go there and do all the things that his girl wants.  We tried to talk to him but it falls on deaf ears.  Sometimes I asked myself, does my brother still value us as his family?

If you were to ask, what would be the best thing for us to do?  Is it a good idea to make him pick between us and his girlfriend?  Is blood really thicker than water?


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