Would there be peace?

After a decade of hunting and chasing the terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden, he finally fall under the hands of American troops.  This is what I have heard in the news today.  It is indeed good news because this chasing has finally come to an end.  This known terrorist leader finally fall down.  He has been done so many bad things in the world and many are wishing that he would be caught.  Well, wishes do come true to those who have patiently waiting, isn’t it?  Their searching, hunting and chasing is worth it because they finally caught the man behind the 9/11 ground zero attacked.  Many have been killed by that attacked and the family of those victims are praying for justice.  Justice have been served today and their love ones will now be rest in peace.  Their lives have been taken by no mercy actions of other people.  This is too much to take that is why American government never stops searching and hunting him.

People are happy of this very good news today.  But there is one question that pop-ups in my mind.  Would there be peace?  Very simple but complicated question that the answer is unknown yet.  I just pray that this will be the end of terrorist attack and let us spread love instead of war.

2 Responses to “Would there be peace?”

  1. shengkay says:

    feeling ko wala pa rin sis..may lalabas at lalabas pa rin na pagiging pinuno ng terorista. I am not generalizing muslim but i think meron pa ring mga tao na makikitid ang utak at mali ang paniniwala na mamumuno sa terorismo.