On Red Alert

It’s been on the news that the leader of terrorist group is now dead.  He has been caught and shot to dead because he refused to surrender.  Good news to everybody but not so good news to his group.  His group is the responsible of the 9/11 attacked and other bombings related incidents.

Because of what had happened to their leader, people are now scared if his member will do bad things for revenge.  They are the kind of group that doesn’t have any mercy on their hearts.  They don’t care whoever will be the victim.  My city is also affected that is why it is on red alert.  Double check point is being implemented in the bus terminal and some places where the buses going in and out of the city to make sure the security of the passengers.  Hassle to some but arm forces are just doing their job to make sure that their travel is safe.  Their duty to protect the people in their jurisdiction that people should be thankful for.

Red alert doesn’t mean our city/place is in danger and we should be scared.  That is the best way to make sure our safety and we should be alert always.

One Response to “On Red Alert”

  1. Chie Wilks says:

    we will just hope that they wont think of getting revenge..haist sana wala ng terrorism..

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