Bathing in the Rain

Bathing in the rain is what I love to do even before when I was a little.  I remember my mother will get angry of brothers, my sister and me every time we go to bath in the rain.  We do not mind to be spank after what is important is we are able to go bath and have fun.  Even right now that we are a bit older and some have family of their own we still go bathe in the rain especially if the rain is heavy.  Makes us feel young and reminisce the time when we were younger.  Raining always reminds me of my mother because she gets angry when we bathe in the rain.

This morning, when I wake up heavy rains greeted me.  My nieces, nephew, sister-in-law and my brothers are already bathing.  I hurriedly fixed my room and make myself ready to join them.  We did have fun because the rain is too heavy.  Again, it reminds me of my mother.  Makes me sad because I miss my mother very much.  And her birthday is fast approaching.  I wonder if she is still alive, she will no longer get mad but instead smiling seeing me bathing in the rain with her grandchildren

3 Responses to “Bathing in the Rain”

  1. Mona says:

    Talaga girl, still bathing in the rain? Ako when i was a kid but during high school days hindi 🙂
    San k hndi maka comment sa working ko ba? Y kaya?? I received comments naman from others.

  2. shengkay says:

    one of my fave things to do when i was small.. maligo sa ulan! enjoy!