Grabbed the Championship

I am a big fan of basketball game since high school.  I have been watching PBA (Philippine Basketball Association and NBA for years already.  I am so happy that my local team did make it to the final and my national team did make it to the playoffs.

My local team lead the series 3 wins to 2.  Today is their game six and will be the decision day for their opponent.  I am praying that they will win tonight so that there will be no game seven.  If they win tonight they will be the overall champions.  Early this evening the game starts.  I am watching in the television since the PBA game always held in Manila that is in Luzon and I am from Davao that is in Mindanao.  I am settled by just watching the games on television.

My team was behind by 15 points and I thought they wont able to win the championship.  But their determination and willingness to win and grabbed the championship title, they are able to tied the score and win.  I am so happy that my team won.  I have to wait for another season/conference to see my team playing again.  Congratulations to Talk and Text for winning the championship.

Indeed, if you want something you have to have the determination and willingness to be able to make it to the top. The best attitude that each of us should have.

2 Responses to “Grabbed the Championship”

  1. gelo says:

    kigwa…bantug ra, tok en tex mn d i ka hahaha….

  2. Mona says:

    Wow, updated hehe .. Before i used to watch PBA games now hindi na masyado .. Kaya pala wala ka kahapon down pala si net ..