Need new pair of shoes

The past few days, my nieces are fond of wearing it while they are playing inside the house.  No matter how much I told them not to play with my shoes still they did.  I guess kids are like that as I have seen before.  I never experience this when I was little because my mother got sick and she only has one shoe, as I remember. I tried to understand my nieces because keep saying NO is very stressful especially if it falls on deaf ears.arghs!

This is the reason why I have decided to do a little inventory of my valuable shoes.  My inventory did not last that long because I only have five pairs of shoes.  I check my shoes if it is still in good shape, check the color and the designs.  I am glad that my nieces are playing with my shoes or else I wont be able to see that I need a new pair of shoes. sigh!  I do not have budget to buy new one for now.   I wish I had money to buy new one because I do not have nice shoes to wear at church.

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