Wish being granted

There are several game shows here in my country.  They have huge amount of prizes that awaits for the lucky winner.  People are grabbing this opportunity hoping that they will win.  They have spent hours, and days of waiting in line just to get the chance to be one of the lucky contestants.  Rain or shine won’t stop them from doing it even if their health is at stake.

There is nothing wrong it doing it, just that some people becomes lazy because they are more dependent on their luck.  Some people are willing to do all the things just to give their family a better life.  Winning is like having an instant big amount and I must say can help the family.  But it is like hitting the moon from up above.  If lucky enough, then their effort and time are worth it because they get the prize.  I admire these game shows because of their mission to help people who are in need.  Winning is the answer to their wish to give their family a good life.  Wish granted I must say to those lucky ones.  To those who are still hoping and praying to win, a big good luck to you all.  I admire your endurance to fall in line day and night.   May God bless you all and give you more strength.

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