Babysitter is Back Outing

After months of looking for a babysitter for my sister’s son, finally her mother-in-law found someone who will look after my nephew.   It would be nice because the babysitter is a cousin of my brother-in-law.  Good thing because it is hard to hired someone who we doesn’t really know the background.  There are some cases where babysitter is not treating the kids well.  My sister does not want to happen it to her son, and so she preferred to get someone whom they know.  Luckily, the cousin of her husband agreed to be the babysitter.

Today is the expecting day of the arrival of the babysitter.  We have waited the whole day only to find out that the expected babysitter did backing out.  I felt so sad for my sister because she really needed a babysitter for her son.  I end up to be the temporary babysitter while they are looking for a new babysitter.  All in all I will be babysitting four kids at once. whew!  Too difficult but I cannot say no to my sister who has been there and a good sister to me.  Good thing is my two nieces will be going back to school in a few days; I will be babysitting two kids only.  I am happy though that I am going to baby-sit my cute and bubbly nephew.:)

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