Not Feeling Well

Because my sister is not feeling well, she asked me to do their laundry.  She did not eat breakfast for two days because she is in a hurry and it is not good to skip meals because she just gave birth five months ago.  She did not able to go to work today because of her condition.  She told me her hair is aching, head and her whole body is shaking.  Gosh, thinking about it makes me sick.  She took the day off today to get good rest and get enough sleep.  I am happy she is feeling better after a long nap.  It is hard to get sick especially she is breastfeeding.

This will be a lesson learned by her not to skip meals.  I told her no matter how bad the food that is on the table, do not mind it just it eat.  I know the feeling of being sick and it is no good to be sick nowadays because time is really hard to all of us.  I hope she will get better by tomorrow after taking a day of rest and taking medicine.

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