Redeemed my ring today

After so many months of being away from me, I am glad that finally I redeemed my one and only ring.  I am tired of paying the interest for months already and I am thinking the pawnshop will get more money from me if I wont redeem it.  I do not want to lose that ring and so I am trying my hardest to get the money to redeem it.  God is really good because my sister lend me some money for me to get my ring back.  I so miss my ring very much because my father gives it to me.  Now that it is already in my hand, I will never ever pawn it.  Right now I have to save money to pay my sister.  I hope I will be able to save before the day that my sister will use it.  Thank you sister for being so kind and good sister to me.:-)


One Response to “Redeemed my ring today”

  1. anne says:

    congrats girl and congrats with the captcha