Throat Check Up

My sister is experiencing pain in her throat for the fast four days now.  She is so worried because classes will start soon.  How can she teach well if her throat is aching?  She does not want to lose her voice because it is her bread and butter.   To ease her worries, she decided to go to the doctor for throat check up.  I accompany her because she do not want to go alone and also to give comfort to her if there is any serious problem in her throat.  I am glad that the doctor it is nothing-serious going on.  The doctor just prescribes her the right medicines to take and observe if there is any change after four days.   My sister a worry is now lessened because of what the doctor says and she can now sleep straight at night. I hope that the medicine will heal the pain she has on her throat before the classes’ starts.

2 Responses to “Throat Check Up”

  1. yes ! it is a small worry just take a hot water with salt and Drinking it easily after two days your sister fell well..

  2. pain in the throat is very disturbing. btw, doctor can surely overcome it and your sister will get well soon.