Hide the Barbie Doll

I have noticed the past few days that my two years old nephew likes to play the barbie doll of his sisters.  It’s kinda funny but thinking about makes us worried because he might develop a feminine actuations.  I do not think  it is good for him to keep playing the barbie doll that is why I hide it in the place where  he can’t see  and reach it.  I have told also my two niece to stop playing barbie doll for a while because it is not good to their younger brother.  I am glad that they both do understand and agreed to me when I said I have to hide their barbie doll for the mean time.  I have already told the father which is my brother to buy him a new toy cars or robot.  I hope he won’t look for the barbie doll.lol  Crossing my fingers.wink!

2 Responses to “Hide the Barbie Doll”

  1. J-mie says:

    I’m also concerned about the girly stuffs/toys my son might get used to. Since he is surrounded by girls, (I don’t have a brother) and his dad is overseas for work, all he sees are girls and girly things. Though he is still too young to understand, I tend to buy all boys stuffs and asked my sisters to act as boys sometimes. hehe.

    Your neices are very kind and smart to understand. I hope your nephew enjoys his new toy cars. 😀

  2. hahaha, that is so funny, thanks for the laugh, they could also have botox barbie, coming with a little needle so you could inject her.