Many said that moving on and letting go takes time especially if you’ve been hurt very badly.  It would be very hard to forget the hurtful past that would haunt us even in our dreams.  Some do survive and some do lost their focus.  It really needs lots of courage and motivation to move on.  Looking for a way to be right back on track is very difficult because of the bad experiences.  But if we stop and listen to our hearts for awhile, we will find the answer to all of the pain we have encountered.  Searching deep within our hearts really help for us to learn to forgive and forget so we can move on easily and start our journey with happy faces.  Upon doing it, we will realized that the key to move on and let go is to accept that things do happened for a reason.  The reason that will be revealed as we continue searching and we will understand as we go on with our life.  For us to continue moving, we have to accept the past, embrace the present and welcoming the future.  Let us learn to accept and continue moving for there is a better life ahead of us.

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