Ice Cream Treat

It’s Sunday and it is our family day.  We planned to go to the mall to  treat the kids, but did not able to do it because the weather is not cooperating.  Cloudy day that is why we decided to stay in the house.  Good thing my sister has bought three cartoons cd’s for her son.  We borrowed it and having our movie marathon today.  While watching, my sister-in-law went to the nearest grocery store and bought ice cream for everybody.  Simple ice cream treat from her and I so much love it because she bought my favorite ice cream flavor.wink!

Thanks to my sister-in-law for this wonderful ice cream treat for us.  Spending time with the whole family even if it is just at home is always worth it.

One Response to “Ice Cream Treat”

  1. J-mie says:

    I love Sunday Family Day! It feels heartwarming. Glad you enjoyed staying at home, watching movies and eating ice cream all day with your family. Memories.