Carried Away

Sometimes in our life we got carried away by our emotions and anger.  We tend to do bad things to others that we will regret it after.  I have seen so many situation like this that end up killing someone because of too much anger.  So sad to know that there are person that losses control and do such things.  I know that they do regret of what they did but it is too late because they cannot get back the life that has been taken.

Such situation like this, all we needed is time to get relax and take a break for us to think things through.  It is not easy though, especially if we are in the peak of our anger.  But we can do something about through right thinking.  We have to remember that our brain is above everything meaning we have to think first before doing such actions.  Let us not be carried away by our emotions, our emotions that will put us into a difficult situation.  We needed to apply the relax, take a break, and breath in, breath out for us to think before doing stupid mistakes

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