Follow Your Dreams

Each of us has talent that God has given to us to show it to others.  It is a privilege to have an extraordinary talent because it will lead us to become a successful one.  Following our dreams is the way to our goals in life. I do not know why some parents do not support what their kids love to do.  If they see that their kids have potential, they are the ones who told them to stop because it will go nowhere.

Joining singing contest is what the kids want to do.  The kid has the voice that is why wanted to join singing contest to be able to help financially to her parents.  To bring money to the family is what the kid wanting to do, but the parents don’t like it.  I felt sad for the kid because the parents don’t appreciate it.  Even told her to stop and instead concentrate on studies.  It is indeed very frustrating and I do hope that the kid will follow her dreams because it will lead her to a better future.

To all individual out there, if you have the talent do not be afraid and show it to others.  To all the parents, if your kids have the talent please support them and encourage them to do good to become a successful one.

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