How to move on?

This is the question of those victims in flash floods here in the city where I live.  They did not expect it to happen because the city has not been experiencing the worst floods ever where there are victims who died and some are missing.  It will really breaks your heart to see them crying hugging the body of their love ones who did not survive.  Most of it is kids.  They caught unaware because the flash flood occurs at 10:30 in the evening where everyone is resting for tomorrow is another day of work.

This accident is beyond our control because it is a natural disaster.  But as human living here on Earth, we played the big role in preserving our nature and other blessings from God.  Those are simple responsibilities that we human have forgotten because we want progress and due to greediness.  This is good lesson learned by many and I do hope that we make it up to it to avoid another accident like this.

How to move on?  It is very simple, live your life, embrace the beauty of life and be a good citizen of this country.  Know our responsibilities and make this country better place to live for the future generation.  We are still alive because we still have the purpose, find that purpose in your heart and be a blessed to others.

One Response to “How to move on?”

  1. Pinx says:

    it may be very difficult at first gen, but God is a God of comfort, and time heals. diba sa Matina man inyo?