Water Therapy Helps

I am not feeling really well for two days now and I do not want to take medicines because I am not used to it.  Every time I am sick, I just drink lots of water to keep me hydrated.  I have been doing the water therapy every time I am not feeling well and I am glad that it really helps me.  No need for me to take medicine because drinking lots of water makes me feel better.

I do not drink medicine much because I am afraid of the side effects.  As much as possible if I can do water therapy I will do it plus water therapy is for free.  I just get water from the faucet boil it a little and it is ready to drink.  I am also doing it to my nieces and nephew when they are not feeling well because it really helps.

2 Responses to “Water Therapy Helps”

  1. mabelle says:

    madam nice na ang h20 therapy. mao ra ba na tiknik nako sa una why pwerte jud nakong dauta kay water diet man to akong gihimo. meaning if gutomon ko inom lang kog tubig then few solid foods lang mix with hinog na kapayas. sus mio akong timbang naabot ug 97lbs 🙂 hehehe.

  2. Pinx says:

    ako gen, i am like a camel, kusog kaayo ko moinom og water…az in in a day, makahurot ko almost 6 liters of water! hehehe…