I am so sleepy

Today is the follow-up check up of my nephew to his pediatrician.  I decided to make an appointment in the afternoon so that my sister can accompany.  We are the number 20 patient on the list.  I am glad because my sister will be able to come on time after her work.  I reached at the clinic at exactly 3 0’clock in the afternoon.  I thought we will finish early but to my surprised, the pediatrician attains us at exactly 5:30 in the afternoon.

When we get home, I am so tired and like a flat tire.  I wanted to rest but I have to finish first my online routine like updating my blogs and the likes.  Carrying a baby for hours is really tiring.  I can feel that I am old already.  I am too sleepy I swear.  I will do my routine fast tonight for me to rest early.

One Response to “I am so sleepy”

  1. Shy says:

    Yeah, I understand you, carrying a baby is tiring and all our arms gets hurts after and thats what I felt to my daughter since she loves to be carry all the time..