Suffering from Leptospirosis

It is a blessing that they are able to survive from the flash floods that washed out many properties here in the city where I live.  The areas that are affected are now clean and things are back to normal now.  The residents in the affected areas are now building their new home and going back to their works and schools again.  It is a big disaster that affects the people living in the area.  Some are not fortunate enough to survive.

Thank God for another chance of life to those who survived but the bad thing is that some survivors are now suffering from leptospirosis and others died already.  From watching the news, I get an idea where did they get that kind of illness.  I search online and I found out that leptospirosis is an illness we get from the water that is contaminated by animal urine.  Makes me think that the water from the flash floods is contaminated and those survivors had drunk it or if they had open wounds where the bacteria gets inside their body.  It is really a bad news because many are dead because of this illness.  I wish to help but there is nothing I could do but to pray for them to survive from this illness.

I am glad that I am able to learn more about this illness by searching online.  A big thanks to this technology because with just a click, all information I need to find is displayed right in front of me.  We have to be knowledgeable nowadays for us to be aware and know how to prevent us from being affected.

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