Wish I have a Mailbox

Even before, we do not have mailbox outside the house.  We thought that we will not need it since there is always someone left in the house during working days so that when there is a letter or any other paper delivered, the postman will no longer leave it because there is someone who will accept it.  We used to that set up until last week.  Everybody is busy and no one is left in the house.  A letter was delivered on our doorstep.  And since we do not have mailbox, the mailman just leave it outside the gate.

I did not able to come back early because of heavy rain.  When I get home, my father handed to me the letter that I am expecting to arrive a week ago.  It was very wet and will be ripping if not well handle.  How can I open the letter that will not be ripped?

After that incident, I realized the importance of having a mailbox outside the house.  It will protect out letter by all means and the mailman can easily put the letter inside if no one is around.  I do not want this to happen so I did ask my brother to make a simple mailbox outside our house.

2 Responses to “Wish I have a Mailbox”

  1. anne says:

    oi asa gikan? hehehe