School for Dressmaking

My father used to tell me that I got my skills in sewing from my late mother.  He saw me sewing many times already sewing my dress using my hands because I do not know how to use my mother’s sewing machine.  I really wanted to sew that is why I bought a fabric and I did try to sew cover for our chairs.  Although the finished product is not good, I am still happy because I did it.  My second project was curtain, even though I do not have any background I try my best and believe in myself that I can do it.  Using the sewing machine of my mother, I practice more.  It is so sad that because it is very old, the condition is not good anymore.  I stopped because the sewing machine of my mother is no longer working.

Just recently, I was asked by my sister to her a curtain for her classroom.  I feel flattered because my sister believes in my skills.  I am not that good really but I am trying my best.  Thinking about it, I feel like going to school for dressmaking to enhance my skills and for me to learn more about sewing.  Enrolling in this school will make me a good dressmaker and I can use it to earn money from it in the future.  Crossing my fingers about it, I wish to have this learning soon.

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