Leaving a Mark

After two days of hitting the country, typhoon ‘Juaning’ is now out of the area of responsibility.  The rain and wind are now slowing down.  People from the affected areas are now moving out from the evacuated center going back to their respective homes.  Even though the typhoon is not that strong, still it leaves a mark from those victims.  Some are not fortunate enough survive from the landslide.  There are families are mourning from their lost love ones.  It is sad but life must go on and we have to move forward.

Every time a typhoon is hitting the country, it surely leaves a mark of sadness, devastation and frustration. These are the reason why affected areas and victims take time in restoring the damage properties and areas.  It is always been a sad situation but we have to accept that this is part of life.  Even thought there are several typhoons will be hit the country, some are not used to it and still caught unprepared.  Refused to go to evacuation center that caused their death and some are missing.  I wish that people will learn from this and be alert next time.  Despite of the weather forecast and the warning, still others are not listening.

The typhoon is now gone but leaving the marks, I pray that victims will be able to bounce back because life must go on.  Whether it is good or bad, moving forward is the best thing to do.

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