Korean Cultural Center

It started with the Korean drama invasion here in the country, many are hooked up and wanted to learn their language and culture.  To others it is a new adventure in life and new learning to add.  Many are interested because of what they have seen in different drama that is aired in the country and some of their songs that is called K-Pop.  In this reason, Korean cultural center is put-up for everybody to learn Korean culture.  Lots of lessons are being conducted for free.  So everyone who is interested is free to come and learn Korean language, cooking, dancing and many more.  All are given to those interested individual.

There is nothing wrong with it as the country has diplomatic relationship with the Korean government.  It is like exchanging of cultures and learning from it.  I just wish the will not lead to comparison between the cultures.  If ever we wanted to learn other culture, let’s not forget our culture because this is how we brought up from our oldies.

If you were to ask, is putting up Korean Cultural Center in the country is a good one?  Or just trying to confuse others between two cultures?  Is this for good or bad?

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