The cute accent

Last week a friend arrived from UK together with her son and husband for their two weeks’ vacation.  She invited us and other friends to have a lunch date at the house they stayed after two days of their arrival.  We are surprised when we arrived because only close friends are there and their kids.  We we’re busy talking, laughing and eating while the kids are busy playing.   At first the kids are too shy to talk to her son since they do not understand him when he speaks.  Every time the boy speaks, the local kids are scratching their heads.  So cute to look at them confused of what the British kid is saying.

I shifted my attention to the kids because I am mesmerized by the cute accent of the kid.  He reminds me of the harry potter movies.  The accent and the way he speaks, it is so cute I must say.  I did talk to him but not  long because I am afraid my nose will  I love listening to kids who speaks with an accent even before.  To me it is so cute and like music to my ears.  Aside from the accent, I like the tone of their voice.  It was a wonderful get together lunch date and I thank my friend for invited us over.  She also gave us presents and chocolates.  Thanks my friend, till we meet again in a year or two.

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