Bringing back the good old days

For me true friends are treasures that should be keep because if you will lose it, you cannot find the same set of friends.  I lost some friends when we transferred to another place to stay.  The area where we lived for years was demolished so we are forced to find another place to stay.  After we transferred to another place, I haven’t seen my childhood friends for a long time now.  Reminisce the good old days when we are still young and enjoy our childhood life.   I always wish that one day we will get to see each other again and have the fun of telling our whereabouts.

I must say it is an answered prayer because after more than a decade, I am able to talk to my friends again.  We meet again in the networking site mostly people are in nowadays.  Just pop up in my mind to search for them if they are in the same site I am in.  It was a success because I find them and added in my friends list.

We started chatting and telling about our life and whereabouts.  We are bringing back the good old days and the fun back then.  We laughed and it’s a good feeling.  It is really good to bring back old days with old friends.

2 Responses to “Bringing back the good old days”

  1. In my life also something happened like that.When i was very young(9 years old) due to some understanding i lost my best friend and the next day she left my place with her father who got transferred to a new place.From that i am searching her in Social Networks but every time i am disappointed by not getting here.Please for me to find her any ways.

    With Love

  2. I also miss my old days very much.That was very memorable days.I did a lot of enjoy in my child hood.