Remebering him on his birthday

If my brother is still alive, he will be 30 years old today.  Yes, today is his 30th birthday and we always remember him on his special day.  He passed away when he was five.  It makes me sad thinking that we are not able to enjoy the days when he was still alive because he is a sickly kid.  He is a jolly kind of kid and always does things that are unusual that brings smiles to our parents.  And I remember him the way always.

As today is his birthday, we prepare a simple dinner at home and put foods on the plate for him.  We are eating dinner thinking that he is eating with us.  We did not visit him at the cemetery because it is gone already.  Someone stole his place without informing us.

To my brother, wherever you are always please know that we always remember you. We may not visiting you at the cemetery, always feel and know that your presence is in our hearts.  We always remember you, love you and missed you.  Happy Birthday to you brother.

One Response to “Remebering him on his birthday”

  1. Really great heart you have.I was very surprised to read your post and your love about your late brother.Really very nice post it is ever i read.