His two front teeth

He started teething when he was five months old.  With all the fever, cough, drooling and the likes at long last his two front teeth are now showing.  He is now seven months old.  He is growing very fast I must say.  We all have waited for his two front teeth to show up because we wanted to take a picture.lol and who is the most excited, his mother.  Yes, his loving and caring mother.  She never misses to take a picture every development of her son.  And her latest collection is the picture of his bubbly son smiling showing his two front teeth.  I will share some maybe one day.  I stopped posting the pictures of her son because she said it is over exposure and blah blah…hehehe

Today, my nephew’s development is biting. gosh!  My shoulder is in danger and I tell you baby’s teeth is very sharp and will leave a little wound after.  Anyways, I am happy to see his two front teeth.  It makes him so cute specially when smiling.

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