Orange Tuesdays: He is Two


Time flies really fast.  The baby in the family is turning turns two last month.  The balloon above is my gift for him on his 2nd birthday.  My God they are getting bigger and I am getting older.


The photo above is the birthday boy.  Lovely and bubbly little boy in the family.  We have a small celebration at the house with the family and some neighbors.  I can say that he did enjoyed it because he do smile a lot.  Happy Birthday Ronj.  Wish you all good health and be a good boy always.

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8 Responses to “Orange Tuesdays: He is Two”

  1. January says:

    orange na orange so cute..:)

    Visiting from OT here’s mine BBW Hand Sanitizer and Shape Sorter

  2. perfect orange Gen… weehhh before you know it Gf na yan hahah,.. labay ko for OT.. 🙂

  3. Ms. Burrito says:

    I love his smile!

  4. cissreal says:

    cissreal: Members (111) follow u

  5. anne says:

    Happy birthday Ronj, wala lagi ka nangimbita gurl hehehe

  6. chiewilks says:

    cute birthday boy..hehehhe nagkatawa ko sa line nimo diri sis nga they are getting bigger and you’re getting older..pareha ta ani..

    nice orange share

  7. Darly says:

    you’re right, time really do flies too fast

    enjoy the rest of the week, he’re my OT entry for this week