Public Nuisance

The first few years in the village where we live is so quiet.  The family really likes the area because it is far from the busy and noisy city.  Years go by and the houses in the village are fully occupied.  The quiet village is now a bit noisy one.  Though it is not the whole village is noisy.  We are unfortunate enough because our neighbors are like wild animals that are living in the jungle.  If they are not fighting, they played their stereo so loud that even the next village can hear.

They are really a nuisance that I want to get rid of.  I wish they are sensitive enough to realize it.  I wish and pray that the leader in our village will noticed it or other neighbor will report to the leader and the leader will talk to them.  I do not have the guts to report it to the leader because I do not want them to get mad at me.  My patience is long enough to understand them.  I really wish that they are sensitive and considerate to others.

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