Happy to Ride in a Bus

Every time my nephew sees a bus, he always shout “bus bus” and will never stop until we listen to him and say “yes, it is a bus”.  I can see it in his eyes that he wanted to ride in a bus.  Yesterday, we were invited by my aunt for the birthday celebration of her grandchild and we have to ride a bus to get there.  He was surprise when we ride a bus.  A big smile on her face and said, ” I am riding a bus Tita”.  The innocence look of a child is so heart warming.  Seeing them happy with just simple things that they did not expect to happen.

He enjoyed riding in the bus I can tell because he never felt sleepy nor dizzy.  And because we are sitting on the window side, his eyes are very busy looking outside.  Yells when he sees unusual in his eyes and see animals.  We have a very noisy trip, so to speak.  Good thing that the other passengers did not mind of him being so noisy. In fact they are enjoying watching him amazed by what he sees on the road.   A noisy trip for me but a wonderful trip for my nephew and that is more important because he was able to ride in a bus that he used to be calling all every time he sees it.

2 Responses to “Happy to Ride in a Bus”

  1. Pinx says:

    my son is also like that Gen…he loves the bus and he rides it everyday in going to school.

  2. Mona says:

    Naalala ko tuloy non first ride ko sa bus nahilo hilo pa ako we went to manila that time.