Blood Typed O

My cousin is badly needed three bags of type O blood for her scheduled operation tomorrow.  Her left kidney is damaged by cancer and needs to be removed.  They are contacting friends and relatives whose blood is typed O to donate.  Four member in our family is blood typed O and the problem is my father and my brothers cannot donate because of hypertension.  I am the only one who can possibly donate a blood for my cousin.  I am willing to help and would be glad to help but I am afraid of needle.  Every time I see needle I turned pale.  And that makes me sad.  Even if I wanted to if I turned pale, the hospital will not allow me to donate.

Tomorrow is my cousin’s operation, and they have only one bag of type O blood.  I pray that by tomorrow three bags of blood is ready before the operation time.  How I wish I am not afraid of needle for me to donate blood for my cousin.  All I can do now is to pray for her successful operation and she will recover soon.  God bless to my cousin.

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