Is it Right?

After days of being in pain, my cousin decided to go to the doctor and have herself be checked.  Since no one will accompanies her because her husband doesn’t care, she went to the hospital all alone.  Her eagerness to know what is wrong with her made her decide to go alone without minding the pain in her stomach.  The doctor advised her to be admitted because her condition is not that good.  She went back home inform her family about it.

Since her kids are still young and studying, our aunt and cousin accompanied her.  The doctor told my cousin about the condition of our cousin and that she needed to be operated as soon as possible.  She has a cancer that is why immediate operation is needed.  Left kidney and rib were removed because it was damaged by cancer.  All she knows is that her kidney should be removed before the cancer will damaged it and makes the situation worse.

After the operation, she is happy and glad it was a success but she did not know her real condition.  Her condition is really serious and we are so sad about it.  We know she has the right to know, but we opted to keep it for now.  We have to make sure she is fully recovered because we do not want her to get depress.  If you were in or shoes, would you still do the same?  To keep her real condition?  Is it right that we keep it from her?  We do pray that miracle will happens so that she will enjoy more life together with her kids without her husband.

2 Responses to “Is it Right?”

  1. sie says:

    Genny I think it would be best if you wait for her to regain her strength back first..then you can tell her the truth..she has the right to will hurt more if one day she will just pass away and she was not prepared and her family as is hard I know because I have a niece who have breast cancer now stage least Genny she will have time to prepare things and spend more time with her love ones rather than being gone on a snap without her knowing..