No Thanks!

Before I always tell friends that it is okay to be friends after the break-up beside once in their life they were lovers. I thought it was that easy that is why my stand to be friends after the break-up is fine without even knowing how they broke-up and their pain. They always told me I do not know what they are going through that is why it is easy for me to say. I refused to agree with them for a reason that I am a woman too. I know I do not have the same experienced like them, but I know the feeling of being hurt based on the novels that I have read.

Indeed, you can never can tell the true feeling until you were on the same shoes. I know the feeling now and I can now says that it is never really easy to be friends after the break-up. Yes, someone has the guts to break my heart. It really hurts me but I have accepted that life is like that. Sometimes we have to put an end to thing that is no longer working. I am mad, yes and I guess it is normal to every human beings. He did offer a good friendship with me but I refused to accept it. To me there is no used for us to be friends after all. I am not being bitter but I guess that is the best thing to do to finally put an end. No more communication and no more Hi’s and Hello’s. I appreciate your approach but “No Thanks”.

2 Responses to “No Thanks!”

  1. Ina-Tay says:

    Hi Genny,

    I guess you deserve a pat on the back for staying true to your feelings and refusing to accept the friendship he extended. Some people would go and say yes but there remains hatred in them. We need to heal and maybe then you can start being friends again. 🙂

  2. anne says:

    estrikta si Ate o hehehe