Table for my Laptop

The table where I put my laptop is the same old table where I used to put my desktop.  My desktop is no longer working so I decided to put in the box and placed it in storage room.  I am temporarily using the old computer table since I am still saving for money to buy new table.  Because the table is made of wood and it’s been years already the wood is deteriorating.  I need to buy a new one soon because the stand of the table is not in good condition.  Makes me a bit sad because my savings is not yet enough to buy a new table for my laptop.  I guess I will just ask favor from my brother to fixed it for me while I am still saving for the kind of table that I wanted to buy.

It is not easy to save I must say because of some unexpected expenses arise and I cannot say no to the family.   It will take some time to come up with the exact amount because I can save only small amount.  Not bad though because I can still save.  My laptop can still use the old table after my brother fixed it.  Besides, “Patience is a virtue.”

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