Back Pain

After one night and one day of traveling, finally we are here at my parent’s province.  So tired and my back is aching.  The pack bag that I borrowed from my brother is heavy and added my things, it double  the weigh I carried throughout the travel.   If I ever have a pack bag I will not borrow my brother’s heavy pack bag.  I had no choice but to borrow it and this is what I got, a back pain.waaa!  I am glad we are here in our destination and I can lay down and relax my back to ease the pain.

After this travel, I promised to buy my own pack bag.  The kind of pack bag that is light to carry even if I put things inside.  I would have light baggage to carry the next time I will travel.  After relaxing, I will have some fun to go at the white sand beaches here and enjoy the water.  I pray that back pain will bid goodbye tomorrow so that I can enjoy my five days stay here at my parent’s province.

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