Certified Engineer

A family friend is inviting the family this coming Sunday for a thanksgiving celebration of  her son who is now a certified engineer.  A proud mother wants to share the blessings that God has showered to her family and wants us to celebrate the success of her son.  It is really a wonderful feeling to see the success after the hardships in life.  I am happy that her son is now a certified engineer.  One thing that she has been prayed for each day.  It was an answered prayer I must say because her son is passing examination and now a license engineer.

I remember back then, to be an engineer was my first choice to take up in college.  Too bad did not able to take it because of financial reason.  Still it is my dream and I hope one member of the family will soon be an engineer.  Someone who will fulfill my dreams.  It could be my nieces, nephew or maybe my own kids if I already have one.lol

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