Ointment for Diaper Rash

The sister on a tight budget that is why she tried to buy the cheaper diaper for her son.  The usual diaper she used to is a bit high that makes her decide to try the cheaper one.  It is not bad I think because nowadays we prefer to go for products which we can save a little.  I understand my sister’s situation because she is really on a tight budget.  But when it comes to milk, she always go for the best for her son.  After using the diaper for two days, my nephew has rashes on his butt.  I felt sorry for my nephew and to my sister because she also feels the pain that her  son is been through.

I am glad that my sister bought an ointment for the diaper rash of her son.  Started the treatment and I hope the rashes will vanish soon.  Thanks to the pediatrician for responding to my sister’s question through text messages.  My sister did learned her lesson after what had happened to her son and promised not to try diapers that are new to her.  When it comes to babies, we have to be wise in picking of the tried and tested products because babies do have very sensitive skins.  And can be affected easily my allergies and rashes.  The parents should be very careful always.

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