Glad she likes it

I promised to give her a present when I get back from my short vacation.  She has been so good to me and a very patient friend to me.  I want to show that she is very dear to me by giving her something.  We have been friends for more than ten years and I believed that this is the first time that I have the courage to give her something.  I was hesitant to give something to her before because I am scared if she doesn’t like it.

Yesterday we meet and I gave to her the island souvenir key chain that I bought from Bohol.  I am glad that she did like the key chain as my present for her.  I thought she will not like it but I am wrong.  It is a good feeling to see her smiling after seeing the present that I bought for her.  She is indeed a good friend because she accepted it although I did not able to give to her the Kalamay (the famous sweet delicacy in Bohol) that I promised to bring her.  I did bought something for her but due to long travel it’s broken.  I decided to give it to neighbor because if I wait till we meet, it is not good anymore.  I am happy she understands it and like my simple present.  Thank you friend Ada..

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