Rashes are gone

The family is so worried about the rashes and red spots all over my nephew’s body and face.  We are at peace after hearing what the pediatrician told us about the rashes.  The pediatrician says that the rashes will went after four days but the nephew will be experiencing itchiness within four days.  The mother bought the syrup for the itchiness and true enough the nephew is not scratching his skin.  After four days, the rashes are completely gone.  The skin and the face of the nephew is back to soft and clean.

The mother is the number one person who gets so worried when the baby is sick and not feeling well.  I am so happy to see that her worries are all gone because her son is in good condition now.  Thanks God for the strength He gave to the family especially to my sister to gets panicked easily.  She is so thankful for the support and comfort that the family is showing to her.  My sister always remember that the family will always be here for you.  And also know that the family will always love and care your family.  God bless us!

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