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Cards for the Holiday Season

It has been years already that I always give Christmas cards to my friends and family.  It is my way of saying I care and love them.  For me, giving cards is a form of telling our love ones that they are special to us during holiday season.  This holiday season, I am thinking of giving away Christmas photo cards to my family and friends.  I am pretty sure that they would love it because this card is so different from the usual cards that I gave them.  My love and care for them will be put in this photo cards.  Happy holidays everyone!

My new laptop sleeves

From the first time I got my laptop, I promise to by accessories for it.  I want my beloved laptop to be clean and in good condition all the time and buying accessories is a good decision.  It took me months to save money to buy accessories for my laptop because I always encountered unexpected expenses in the house.  I patiently saving even a single peso just to come up with the amount I need to buy laptop sleeves.  The accessories I need for my laptop especially when I am on travel.  The laptop sleeves is not that expensive but took me months to save. lol

 After paying my bills and debts, I am so happy after seeing that I still have extra money to buy laptop sleeves.  And since I so long to have laptop sleeves, I asked my sister to buy it for me since I do not have time to go to mall because I baby-sit her son.  After she arrives from work this evening, she handed me the laptop sleeves that I like.  Finally, I have the laptop sleeves that I so long to have.  The laptop sleeves is easy to carry and very comfortable that is why I so love it so much.  I can now bring my laptop anywhere I go without any hassle.

Cleaning up

I was wondering why my blogs loads so slow.  It took me minutes before seeing the homepage.  I was talking to the blogger friend and giving me tips on how to make my page loads fast.  But told me I have to sacrifice some of the widgets on my blog’s sidebar.  I am sad but I have to do what is best for my blogs.  What is important now is to make my blog loads fast so that visitor, readers and viewers will not spend much time just to wait till the loading of my site completes.

I need to sacrifice a little and so I am deleting some of the widgets on my sidebar the other day.  A complete cleaning up I must say.  I have the seven blogs to clean up so I did not waste any time to do it fast.  Though deleting is easy, rearranging my blog’s sidebar took me some time to finish it all.  I am happy to see after seeing the result of my cleaning up.  I can see the difference now in loading my page.  It loads fast compared before and my blogs looks very clean now.  It is pleasant to look at because there are no more colorful decorations in the side.  Indeed simplicity is beauty.

Nothing beats the buffet restaurant

Last night I meet my blogger friends in person for the first time.  We expect that we would spend hours of talking, laughing and the likes.  Thinking of the best place to do that is the buffet restaurant.  The perfect place I must say to eat dinner, doing the chit-chat because it is an ‘eat all you can’ restaurant.  Nothing beats the buffet restaurant because you can take anything you like.  As expected, we did have a good time together.  A night full of laughing and talking.  Girls are girls so to speak.

The buffet restaurant serves Asian cuisine that would surely waters your mouth.  I am so full last night because the foods are yummy and delicious.  Worth the money I must say.  While I was there, I think of bringing the whole family there one day.  We seldom eat outside because the family opted to stay at home.  For a change, I will treat the whole family one of these days.  A surprise dinner outside at the buffet restaurant.  I will start saving now for this and I pray that I can come up with the exact amount I need to treat the whole family.  I am sure the family would definitely love my idea to bring them there for dinner because nothing beats the buffet restaurant ever.