Yesterday, I bring my nephew to the health center for his vaccination.  Before the injection of the vaccine, the nurse undergone series of updates on his weight, his condition and the likes.  After the weighing of my nephew,  the nurse told me that he is overweight.  The nurse also told me that his development will be affected because the nephew cannot moved properly because of heavy weight.  I do not see that my nephew is affected that much because he plays a lot and he can sit alone.  Of course I have to supervise him because sometimes he just laid back unexpectedly.  But when the nurse told me that he is already nine months and should have learned to walk and stand still.  I realized that my nephew cannot stand still when I practice him to stand in the corner.  He is indeed affected by his heavy weight.

I informed my sister (the mother of my nephew), about what the nurse’s told me and advised me to do for him.   We have to diet him for his motor development will developed smoothly and also for him to carry his body well.  Overweight is not good at his age and to diet him is the best thing to do.  We stared the dieting process of my nephew.  I felt sorry for him because he used to drink a lot of milk and since we have to lessen it, he cries every time he is not full.  I hope that he will get used to it and will see any development soon.

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