Her 34th Birthday

Three days ago, the family celebrated the 34th birthday of my sister.  We had a wonderful dinner with the family and sung happy birthday to her.  She wanted to treat the family for dinner at the restaurant but my brother refused and just said we will cook something on her birthday.  My do not like eating outside.  To him it is a big expenses.  He said it is better to stay at home, have a dinner with the family, a little sing-a-long and have the fun in our simple abode.  Indeed, simple celebration with the family is more memorable rather than to spent it outside.

The sister is thankful for the 34 years of blessings from God.  This year is the first ever birthday she celebrated as a mother.  She is very happy and contented in life with her husband and her son.  Nothing more she could ask for but have a longer and healthy life so spend with her family and son.  One of her birthday wish is a good health for her son and that her son will grows as a good person.

One Response to “Her 34th Birthday”

  1. Shydub says:

    Happy 34 b-day to your sister, gen… visit back ko nimu diri