Second Opinion

The family is worried about the condition of the nephew.  Though it is not that serious, the family is still worried because the nephew is just nine months old.  He was two months old when the family noticed that his genital is swelling when he cries aloud.  The mother set an appointment to the pediatrician for her to know what is wrong.  The family found out the nephew has the hernia and the pediatrician said that it needs to undergo operation.  It was a sad news to the family because the nephew is too young to undergo operation.  The family decided to see another pediatrician just to make sure.

Last Monday, we went to another pediatrician to seek for second opinion.  As expected, the pediatrician has the same suggestion with the first pediatrician.  We hope that the operation will be done when the nephew reach the age of three.  But the pediatrician said, operation is needed as soon as possible.  The second opinion clears everything and pediatrician explain to us the pros and cons of the situation.  It is really helps if we seek for second opinion before making any decisions.  After hearing the second opinion, the family decided to have him be operated soon.

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