Admitted at the Hospital

Just this afternoon, the nephew is admitted at the hospital.  He undergone series of laboratories as well in preparation for his scheduled operation tomorrow.  I can tell he is a brave little boy because he doesn’t cry when the nurse injected needle in his skin.  I felt pain by just looking at it but my nephew just laugh at it.  The nurses and attendant loves him because he smiles a lot.   We are glad because all the laboratories result shows that he is ready for operation tomorrow morning.

The family is worried because the nephew is too young to undergo operation but it is necessary for his own good.  But the faith in God makes us calm and believed that the operation will be a success one.  And also we are praying for the fast recovery of my nephew.  After this operation my nephew will be normal again and the family will be so happy because his condition will be fine.  I pray that my nephew will be fine and God will protects  and watch him always.

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