Home but Tired

I am home after two days and one night at the hospital to accompany my sister for her son’s operation.  I so missed my bed, room, pillows and blanket because I was not able to sleep well.  I was just sleeping on the long chair.  Because there is only one chair, I have to share it with my sister.  We end sleepless night, back pain because of our position in sleeping and also back pain from carrying the nephew all night.

We are glad when the doctor told us that we can go home because the nephew is doing well.  We just waited for him to awake fully and then getting ready to go home.  It was really a relief when we received the release order from the doctor.  We are so tired because of the sleepless night because the nephew is keep on crying.  And on the processing of papers for the operation and the insurance.  We wanted to go home and rest.  We thank God because all went well and now we are home.  It is good to be home after a very tiring day.  Home sweet home I must say.  W can rest well now and sleep straight because the nephew is okay now.  Thank you Lord.

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