Nothing beats the buffet restaurant

Last night I meet my blogger friends in person for the first time.  We expect that we would spend hours of talking, laughing and the likes.  Thinking of the best place to do that is the buffet restaurant.  The perfect place I must say to eat dinner, doing the chit-chat because it is an ‘eat all you can’ restaurant.  Nothing beats the buffet restaurant because you can take anything you like.  As expected, we did have a good time together.  A night full of laughing and talking.  Girls are girls so to speak.

The buffet restaurant serves Asian cuisine that would surely waters your mouth.  I am so full last night because the foods are yummy and delicious.  Worth the money I must say.  While I was there, I think of bringing the whole family there one day.  We seldom eat outside because the family opted to stay at home.  For a change, I will treat the whole family one of these days.  A surprise dinner outside at the buffet restaurant.  I will start saving now for this and I pray that I can come up with the exact amount I need to treat the whole family.  I am sure the family would definitely love my idea to bring them there for dinner because nothing beats the buffet restaurant ever.

2 Responses to “Nothing beats the buffet restaurant”

  1. Mona says:

    tama ka dyan.. Kaso lugi ako dito mahina kasi ako kumain ..

  2. Chie says:

    I love buffet as well coz more likely, all the foods I love are displayed waiting for me..hehehe nice sis nga naa ka nameet blogging friends..when will I ever meet one in person?