My sister-in-law brought home an imported soap that was given to her by her friend who just came home from working abroad.  I am so excited to use it because it smells really good.  On the label, it says the soap is mild and it is good for sensitive skin.  That makes me eager to use it.  After using the soap, my skin is itchy.  It is so itchy that makes me scratching for the whole day.  Good thing my sister has ointment for itchiness.  I get rid of itch after putting it on my skin.

I never thought that the itch was the soap that caused the itchiness, that it why I used it again today.  After using it, the itch comes back.  That made me conclude that I have a skin allergy of the imported soap that my SIL brought home.  The soap is not good for my skin I guess, it is too bad because the soap really smells good.  I will stick to the soap that I am using for years to keep my skin safe from allergies and itchiness.  Good lesson to learn, not all soap is good for our skin especially it is comes from other country.

One Response to “Itchiness”

  1. Mona says:

    Ay ganon my allergy ka girl .. Never ko pa nman na experience ito.