The Rain

I was in the province three days ago having my short vacation with my sister.  The place is perfect for relaxation because it is so quiet.  While we are on our way, I thought of meeting a friend and visit the famous crocodile in the place, but was not able to go because of heavy rains.  I am the kind of person that does not want to go if there is rain unless it is really important.


While inside the house where we stay, I am looking at the window and looking at the rain pouring down from the nipa hut roof.  It is so nice to see because it makes the ambiance quiet that makes me want to sleep the whole day.  Before I go to bed to take a nap, I capture a photo of the rain in the province.

One Response to “The Rain”

  1. analou says:

    I miss the rain. It is very rare to have rains here in where I live. In fact when I am at home and it starts raining, my husband is amazed because I am so happy and always looking outside. When it rains it reminds me the place in the Philippines where I grow up.